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Understand I-CBT/CBT Treatment


Your thoughts shape the way you view the world and how you react to it. Therefore, if you think negative thoughts, you perceive the world negatively and thus behave in negative ways.  It’s not the situation that causes negative feelings or behaviors, but instead how the situation is perceived through one’s thinking. Most irrational thoughts are well learned through years of experience and these thoughts become what are known as “automatic thoughts.”

Life can be challenging, but if people, things, and situations were the only cause of all your difficulties, then you would have no control over your life. Often time thoughts are not always accurate causing one to misperceive the situation, without evaluating or gathering evidence before one acts.

The aforementioned defines irrational thinking. New England Center for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy & Psychiatry helps individuals (like yourself) develop skills to step back, evaluate the situation, and then make more rational choices before reacting or "overreacting." 

After learning how to adjust your perception and ultimately your thinking, you will feel in more control of your life, better prepared to handle just about any type of situation you experience.  You will be able to approach life more calmly and rationally. You will begin to automatically make more clear-headed decisions, replacing the old “well learned” automatic thoughts that caused your anxiety or depression with new rational thoughts that work better for you. In a nut shell, you will stay calmer and more in control, feeling better by behaving more rationally.  The good news is people, things and situations have no power over you and as mentioned, "it is not people things and situations that cause you to feel bad; but what you think about people things and situations." You can have complete control over your thoughts, and once you have learned to correct and change your irrational thoughts you will have the key to living a happier more successful and productive life. Treatment is based on the motivation to get better and to actively work on learning and utilizing this treatment in the context of one’s life.

NECBT & Psychiatry is the only outpatient Mental Health Private Practice of its kind devoted to a multidisciplinary approach to strictly Evidence Based Treatment.

At New England Center for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy & Psychiatry we offer a multidisciplinary team approach, utilizing the most Progressive Evidence Based treatment available today.  Our clinicians have a wide-range of experience and expertise. We offer several different types of programs such as Autism Spectrum and Special Needs Programs that include Art Therapy, Group Socialization, parent support groups, and one-on-one individual treatment.  Yoga Therapy for relaxation techniques and stress reduction for individuals with hypertension or teens with ADHD and anxiety, Family therapy, Behavioral Parent Training, Anger Management, Gay and Lesbian Issues/couples therapy, PTSD for Veterans, Trauma, Sexual Assault, Eating Disorders, ODD, OCD, social skills building groups. Specialists who have trained to work with children and adults who have been abused or assaulted, issues arising from adoption, bi-polar, substance abuse support, and of course programs surrounding Anxiety and Depression for children, adolescents and adults.