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The NECBT Leadership Program for Children /Adolescents struggling with Anxiety & Depression

This unique NECBT program is designed for children and adolescents ages 8-15 struggling with anxiety and depression. If your child is a target of bullying, has eroding self esteem, has a low frustration tolerance, is irritable and/or refuses to go to school, seems withdrawn, anxious, or depressed, then this program is just what they need before they take on a new school year!

Most insurance may cover some or all. If you plan to use insurance please call the office so that we may verify your insurance benefits for coverage, and to see if you have any out of pocket costs.

Our program teaches the rudiments of Evidence Based Treatment, Interpersonal Cognitive Behavioral Skills combined Emotional/ Social Intelligence training. The children and adolescent groups will engage orientated as well as clinically based workshops.  In addition we offer Art Therapy and Yoga.  These activities are designed to help children and adolescents take control of their anxiety and depression while building self esteem, self confidence and social skills.

In order to ensure the safety of others, children who are aggressive and illicit signs of anger towards other children will not be admitted into group until their behaviors have begun to change. Another program is available for children with these issues needing help.

We have a zero tolerance policy for aggression, hostility and bullying in our groups.

Individual & Family Treatment

New England Behavioral HealthTreating children can be incredibly difficult and challenging. Children think differently and are biologically different than adults. One aspect of treatment that we provide that is universal with children and adults is the importance of the relationship. Children need to feel loved and cared for in the same way adults do, and while adults might learn that they are cared for by their therapist differently than children, the end goal is the same.

Certain children are ready to grasp the basic concepts of CBT and examine their thinking at a very young age (in some cases as young as 8 or 9) while others need a more simplistic model of therapy because of their development. NECBT offers two things which set us apart in terms of how we deal with children.

First, any child or young adolescent that comes into NECBT is required to participate in family therapy at least once very 4 weeks. While children can have their own problems, most of the time these problems are either created or perpetuated by the family system the child is in. This is called a systemic approach, and is central to the way we deal with children at NECBT. The “systemic” approach takes into consideration the impact of the child’s family/educational environment and expectations as well as their peer relationships. Even in cases where this is not what’s happening, the parents feed back on how the child is progressing is essential to the success of treatment.

New England Behavioral HealthSecondly, NECBT offers Behavioral Parenting Training, a parenting method that is derived from the concrete science of Differential Reinforcement of Other behaviors or DRO. This training teaches parents how to encourage appropriate behaviors from their children, use punishment effectively, and shape their children’s behavior so their children are more polite, respectful, productive, and obedient. This method has worked wonders on families with children as young as 4 and as old as 16 and parents have said that it, “just made the whole home environment so much more positive.” The parents of any child seen at NECBT for primarily behavioral issues are required to attend and any other parents are strongly encouraged to.

NECBT we are highly successful in the treatment of:

Adoption Issues
Autism Spectrum
Anger Management
Cultural stressors
Depression - Depression Programs
Defiant Behavior
Failing Grades
Family Therapy / Family Support
Gender Identity Issues
Med Management
Psychiatric Evaluations
Parent Modeling Groups
Reattachment Disorder
School Behavioral Interventions and Support
Social Skills Modification - Leadership Groups
Stress Management

NECBT Mild to Low-moderate Autism Spectrum Disorder Program

It's a known fact that many vulnerable Parents and Caregivers who simply want the best for their children (whom they love like there's no tomorrow) become prone to seeking help by visiting clinics and practices specializing in techniques designed to successfully test for and treat Autism Spectrum Disorders that do not take insurance of any sort. These treatments can cause financial stress and further frustration by costing families anywhere from $5,000. to $10,000, or more and once treated no real cognitive, mood or behavioral changes occur. NECBT stays true to it's mission by taking most insurances, refusing to make false promises and not misguiding or misinforming Parents and Caregivers.

NECBT's Autism Spectrum Program includes the modalities of Individual Treatment, Group therapy, Art therapy, Yoga group and Individual massage. These four modalities provide an effective, well rounded program that helps treat symptoms, provide social skills and interaction as well as the relaxation, peace and tranquility needed to reduce stress and anxiety in the life of a child on the spectrum or with special needs.

NECBT's Autism and Special Needs Group target the improvement of social skills and emotional intelligence as well as self-exploration, team building and creativity.

NECBT'S Art Therapy group helps children on the spectrum and with special needs, explore their creative side while helping them learn relaxation and self-confidence as well as social skills through art.

In addition NECBT's Yoga Group helps spectrum children and children with special needs learn peace, calmness, tranquility physical and mental awareness and control as well as coordination and direction through the ancient art of Yoga Meditation.

NECBT's Individual Massage Therapy aids children on the spectrum and with special needs reduce stress and tension while promoting relaxation and physical well being through special muscle and joint massage stimulation. Massage also provides a means for achieving mental calmness.

Childrens' Group - Ages 7-11

Monday Evenings

This group is designed for children to improve social skills, communication skills, organization skills, peer and family relationship, self confidence and symptoms related to anxiety and depression.

Group therapy will allow a multiple of participants, to engage in discussion and activities to increase understanding, knowledge and skills of a specific topic. It will also provide an opportunity for participants to experience supportive feedback in a safe and social environment.

During the last 30 years, studies have shown the growing benefits of group psychotherapy in a number of areas of life challenges.(1) One study found that children in Group Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (GCBT) for anxiety were able to reduce symptoms, and these gains were sustained at 3,6, and 12 month follow ups. (2). Another study found that children in a skills-training group demonstrated "increase skill in role-play situations, greater verbal knowledge of how to interact with peers, and more peer interactions in school." (3) These are just some of the many studies that show the importance and effectiveness of group therapy.


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