Psycho education (skill building) blended with talk therapy

treatment for children, teenagers and adults...

From school avoidance, re-occurring thoughts, panic attacks, hair pulling, sleepless nights, suicidal thoughts, self acceptance, college transition, behavioral modification, social skill development, anger outbursts... we've helped thousands over the last 16 years successfully overcome their mental health issues.  

Treatment programs

Pediatric Program (ages 9- 12)


School avoidance, ADHD/add symptoms, sleepless nights, problems socializing... we are experts when it comes to kids.  Childhood has become more intense and parenting a child with special needs, spectrum or a mental health condition can be extremely challenging without knowing how to manage them. Parents are the key to helping their child grow in our program.    

Teen Program


 Our providers are masters at developing relationships with teenagers! Issues surrounding anxiety, depression,  video game addiction, depression, ADHD, Spectrum,overwhelming stress and panic attacks.  The teen's brain is not fully developed and does not always see things clearly and often have difficulty with impulses and managing all the pressures around them. As with the children's program, teen meets weekly with a psychotherapist, parents attend workshops, and teen attends a group. 

Young Adults


Often we see young adults who might have tried going to college and are beginning to have symptoms of anxiety or depression and it's getting in the way of school or their ability to start their adult life. We see many young adults who have returned home from college, difficulty finding work or keeping steady employment, and have difficulty building relationships and/or making healthy decisions. 

Middle Aged Programs


In the middle ages, you have a whole set of new stressors and if they go unmanaged they can get in the way of feeling complete and in control of your life.  Work stress whether you are a first responder  who experiences trauma everyday or work in the corporate world, anxiety and depression will take its toll on your cortisol levels that can lead to other illnesses. Anxiety and depression are two conditions that don't just go away without knowing how to manage it.  We also offer couples therapy to open channels of communication. 

Older Adults


Retirement and adjusting to a new way of life can feel overwhelming and many feel they've lost their purpose. Sadly,  for many, the stigma of therapy  has prevented them from getting help for years. It's not okay to feel stressed or worried everyday, not getting sleep, feeling blue, or feeling irritable most of the time. If you are debating getting help,  think of it this way, would you let a broken arm go without treatment?  We promise therapy with us isn't just talking about what's bothering but giving you skills to help you manage better. Wouldn't it be nice to relax and live in the moment. 

High ACUITY (severe symptoms)


If you are taking multiple medications, you have been hospitalized (regardless of your age), your anxiety and depression is so bad you can't work, you have constant panic attacks, or worse you've considered taking your life. We consider these just some of the symptoms of high acuity situations. We can help and we've had a tremendous amount of success.  

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Depression, anxiety, behavioral based disorders...

CBT has been demonstrated to be an effective treatment

CBT is widely used for depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), social anxiety, adhd/add, phobias, eating disorders, and panic attacks. The skills you learn in CBT stay with you after the end of treatment! 

Located in Glastonbury, CT

Therapy has to work.

Good therapy is organized, stays on track, teaches skills, treats you as part of the solution, and helps you get to your goal. If you've been in therapy for more than a year, and you still don't know how to manage your mental health issue, you need to re-think your therapy. 

A true biopsychosocial model...

Good mental health is more than thinking positive...

Since 2003, NECBT has been the leader and innovator in proven CBT based programs providing psychological services for adults, teens, and children affected by anxiety, depression, ADHD and other conditions. I -CBT is the method of CBT used at NECBT. 

Results matter.

Treatment scoring is essential to track your progress

Each individual's experience is tracked in order to determine optimal outcomes and prepares individuals for graduation from our program.  

What is i-CBT

Interpersonal - Cognitive Behavioral Treatment Programs

Our focus is to help individuals heal, energize, and become aware of their inner strengths by using the clinically proven I-CBT treatment model. We achieve this by providing you with a highly trained and experienced psychotherapist which is licensed or license eligible. In our safe space, we will listen to your concerns and  teach you clinically proven life skills that can change your existing negative thoughts and behaviors and replace with new automatic thoughts in order to open your world.  Our treatment programs are customized to you and can help you overcome your difficulties.  

We offer one of the best treatment for teenage depression program, and we are considered one of the best anxiety treatment centers in the nation. In addition our cognitive behavioral therapy program for children and adolescents  is highly successful with our exclusive parent training program that can change the entire dynamic of the family.  

Common Questions & Answers

What is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is an umbrella term for evidence based treatment that involves helping patient/clients change their thoughts. Many types of models fall under the CBT category such as: Cognitive Therapy, Rational Emotive Therapy, Dialectic Behavioral Therapy, Interpersonal Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Trauma Focused CBT.  The CBT model that is used at New England Center for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is called Interpersonal Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, considered the "new school of thought" in CBT due to its structured nature and the usage of a step by step manual. 

How long is Cognitive Behavioral Treatment?

NECBT uses the Interpersonal Cognitive Behavioral Treatment system as our Center's  model. I-CBT focuses on emotion and emotional intelligence and goes deeper than traditional "surface" CBT. Treatment for many lasts about 24 - 28 week. Please use this as an estimate, because treatment is focused on the individual's ability to start incorporating the skills into their lives.  Treatment combines talk therapy, strong therapeutic bond and psycho-education delivered in a step by step process.  There is simply no way of telling just how long each person will take. However, less than 1% of our patients stay for longer than one year.  Treatment is based on how you work the program! 

Do you use CBT for children ?

Yes, as long as we have 100% parental compliance. However, with  younger children 9 and younger, we will work primarily with  parents to teach them interventions and tools to use within the household.  Depending on age and issue, we can craft the treatment plan that will have the most optimal outcomes for children and their families. 

Parent Training and Groups

You might have heard that our treatment involves three tiers: individual, groups, and Parent Empowerment Training. This program is for any child, teen and at times some young adults. Parents are taught the same skills as their children in addition to  evidence based behavioral skills. The program requires commitment, but you will quickly see, especially if you have been to other private practices or treatment programs, why the program has had the success that it has. It is a short period of time that will provide you with life long skills that can dramatically improve your family's situation and your child's mental health. 

Is your program just a group?

No!  However, treatment does incorporate groups for children, adolescents and for some young adults. The emphasis for us is on individualized, private treatment sessions.  In our program, depending on your age and circumstance - you will have individual treatment, group and behavioral parent training (when working with children and teens - and sometimes young adults). Adults typically just have individual therapy. When you call the office, we can give you a really good idea of what your treatment will most likely consist of, provide you estimates for out of pocket costs - please keep in mind that it is not a guarantee of costs or treatment plan as it is the psychotherapist that will create and conduct the treatment plan. Our I-CBT consultants can only provide you general details. 

Can I come in to see if I am going to like the Psychotherapist

You may come in to see if you like your therapist. However,  the first time you meet with one of our psychotherapists we start the assessment and billing process. You are free to drop out of the program at anytime. If for some reason you and your psychotherapist don't click, we may place you with another provider. However, it is rarely the case. We don't place our providers on the website because our trained certified I-CBT consultants will place you with a clinical therapist and a time period based on your need. Unlike other private practices, our therapists are highly trained in the I-CBT treatment model. In the rare occasion, usually a new I-CBT therapist just starting to use the method, we will move a patient to a more experienced I-CBT provider. Providers are trained and tested before treating any patients and typically have 10 - 20 years of clinical treatment experience prior to working for NECBT. 

Difficult Roads often lead to beautiful destinations!

Stop anxiety and depression from stopping you.

Stop in to see us during normal business hours!   We love to answer questions about the Interpersonal Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Program for Anxiety Treatment and Depression Treatment. Near the RT 2 exit for easy access from Hebron, Marlborough Colechester and easy access from RT 3 for  West Hartford, Rocky Hill, Newington, Southington. Easy access from East Hartford, Vernon, Tolland, Manchester, Bloomfield, Enfield, Windsor Locks

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HOw will i know when i'm ready to end treatment

We strive to reach each individual's goals in a timely manner.  We believe that good therapy shouldn't require treatment for years and years and we believe that when you learn the skills you are equipped to be your own therapist (to some degree).  Yes, there are a variety of conditions that do require on-going treatment, but those are rare. However, when it comes to clinical treatment for us, years and years is not an option. Patients are ready to graduate when they have understood and have incorporated the skills into their daily life. We use self report, completion of each section in the clinical self-help book,  and testing scores that support significant improvements.  When all of these elements have been accomplished, we graduate an individual. Graduation is when an individual no longer needs to rely on our services and have mastered the skills and techniques that can help them stay "feeling good." They are welcome to come back anytime for a "tune up" if they feel they need a refresher or something has happened and they need additional support.  

Your Program sounds expensive

Yes, it does sound expensive, we offer one of the best programs ever designed. However, relatively speaking, our programs cost much less and is more effective than most programs.  Some programs charge as much as $5,000 - $20,000 (upfront) depending on duration, with outcomes not as strong as ours.  We use pay as you go, the individual sessions are heavily discounted (compare - $150 - $225 per session for a cbt specialist). In many cases, insurance will cover a portion of treatment. We accept Medicaid, Anthem, Cigna to help offset costs. 

Why don't you take Aetna, UBH products (oxford health, ct care) or TriCare?

We do not take these insurances because of the numerous hassles and our limited staff. We have a small support staff. If we had a larger staff we could easily take their insurance but our program cost would have to increase to cover the cost of the staff and the very low compensation they provide per clinical session.   In addition, each of these insurance companies, Tricare in particular delays payments up to 90 days. In order to provide you with the highest quality of service and keep our rates down, we elected to keep these insurances at a bay. These insurance companies also reimburse us at a fraction of the cost of the services provided. We use Medicaid reimbursement rates to determine the cost of our services for out of pocket fees. 

Your program sounds intense

Yes, our program is intense. We like to use the word thorough. We want to make sure that each individual receives the quality of care they deserve. Our program has a 90% success rate, this is because our program is based on the biopsychosocial model - which looks at not only the presenting symptoms but everything that surrounds the issue. Our goal in treatment is to train you to become your own therapist and not have to rely on therapy for your entire life. Some folks may need on-going therapy, depending on their mental issue, but these folks will have specific skills and will always use these to fall back on when doing on-going work. People can benefit with coaching, but this is less mental health work and more guidance and self improvement type work. 

Fees VS cost of insurance

Your insurance covers your "Face to Face" time only. The fees for the program are separate. We charge a $50.00 monthly program fee in addition to the individual session, group or parent training. This fee keeps the cost of our entire program down. Rather than pay for it separately, the entire programs cost is shared among the participants of the program.  We do not charge for the program in advance because we stand by our work and you can leave the program at anytime without feeling like you have to finish because you paid such a large payment. 

Why aren't you a "non-Profit"?

If we were a non-profit we would have to stick to specific agendas of the grant that is providing money and we would be forced to go by the guidelines of the grant limiting us to their agendas. Their agendas always look good on paper and mean well, but they often create programs that do not have the substance to provide the outcomes that they desire  - the focus becomes grant founding and how to get the next grant, not how do we find the most successful outcomes for individuals. These are two very different goals.  Our one and only agenda is to provide the best and most progressive services to maintain our 90% statistical outcome for our services.  If we were only interested in making money, we would go the non-profit route. The quality of our health care and the improvement of our healthcare system is contingent on the ability to innovate - this is one of our greatest privileges as American Citizens.  However, when you have a large organization that is top heavy, then the needs of the individuals often go unheard or attended.  You are free to go to a non-profit and you will quickly see the difference in the quality of care. Are you a number in a statistic supporting a grant or are you an individual that deserves the most progressive treatment because you need to move forward in life.  We learned early on how to stick to our own standards of quality with authentic outcomes. Our mission is to move mental health forward - your mental health. 

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