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NECBT is an Authentic Cognitive Behavioral Treatment PROGRAM, based on I-CBT a highly effective step by step method. 

Anxiety, Depression and Behavioral Treatment for Children, Teens, Family and Adults 

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Since 2003, The Cordier Institute’s New England Center for CBT treatment  has provided interpersonal- cognitive - behavioral therapy (I- CBT) is a unique and highly effective method of therapy that has helped thousands of people overcome a variety of different mental health challenges. The I- CBT  method  is evidence based and validated. It is patient centered and is tailored to each individual's treatment goals.  Work is done individually and when necessary supported by workshops. We treat ages 9 to seniors.

Patients are taught  a step by step process on how to manage their thoughts, feelings and actions. When you learn and master one skill, the next is introduced. Treatment is based on the therapeutic relationship, behavioral modification, mindfulness, evidence based methods, a self help workbook and videos designed to be used in conjunction with therapy to support learning and treatment goals.  

Testing tools are also incorporated to track and manage symptoms throughout the treatment process. Patients “graduate” from treatment based on a variety of assessments such as:  self assessment, clinician assessment,  consistent and steady improvement of testing batteries (significant of 50% to 100%) and most importantly accomplishment of treatment goals.  

For teens and children (and some young adults), parents learn support skills, interventions and behavioral modification skills that can be incorporated into the home. The parental intervention is a requirement for both parents and offered in a 8 week series taught by an I-CBT Level II or Diplomat Psychotherapist. After the seminars have been completed parents attend "parent coaching" to ensure that we are identifying and making adjustments for any existing issues that may get in the way of the treatment goals.  

Treatment for most patients, on average, takes  6 months depending on the patient’s pace, and incorporation and understanding of the skills provided. Like any other therapy, if you don't work the program the program does not work for you. However, we have a 90% success rate for those who do work the program.  It can take longer for some.  We tell new patients, that this is not like traditional psychotherapy. Although you still talk and discuss your life situations, we are going to be taught skills and educated to learn how to step back and then move forward.  If you want to experience great outcomes it's important to practice skills and complete the self help assignments that are designed to strengthen your brain and emotional/social connections. I-CBT is based on self empowerment. 

We only employ certified I-CBT Psychotherapists from the Cordier Institute's American Center of Cognitive Behavioral Training to provide treatment,  ensuring that you are receiving one of the most effective treatment methods ever developed for overcoming mental health issues. We monitor and audit charts and provide ongoing supervision and training to ensure that proper delivery is being done.  Our Psychotherapists are licensed Doctors, LCSWs, LMFTs or are pre-licensed.  Regardless of which provider is treating you, you will receive the same quality and standard of treatment.  I- CBT is designed to have all therapists work collaboratively (although you will work with one primary therapist), so you have thousands of clinical treatment hours of experience supporting you and your family.  

We are pay as you go. No large upfront fees for the program and no commitment. If you call the office we will explain our treatment method in detail, what to expect for a typical treatment plan, determine which provider would be a good fit for your journey, determine the best schedule, how much you would be expected to pay for sessions. For people coming from a hospital setting, your treatment plan may be a little more intensive in comparison to someone who is experiencing mild anxiety or depression. Ultimately, your Psychotherapist will determine if you are ready for our treatment or adjust your treatment plan after your evaluation and adjust your plan as necessary throughout treatment. 

A $50.00 deposit is required to reserve a program assessment time, non-refundable but applied to the initial testing batteries when you arrive. A refund can be given if we receive a 2 day cancellation notice (a day before will not be refunded). 

We do accept some insurance to help pay for treatment. Out of pocket costs vary from as low as $50 per month to as high as $1200 depending on the provider's level of experience and insurance they accept.  We can give you estimates before ever starting the program. 


Please note that we can not work with:

Active Substance Abuse or Active Eating Disorder - our only exception is if you are actively attending a SA or EA program and that we can work collaboratively with those teams. 

While working with us, it is important that you temporarily suspend any other mental health therapy (except for medication management and the above mentioned situations). 

We look forward to working with you. 


I-CBT helps all ages from children 9 years old and up until seniors.

I-CBT helps all ages from children 9 years old and up until seniors.


Here are just a few things you'll learn with one of our I-CBT Certified Psychotherapists:

- to manage stress

- to overcome fear 

- to manage impulses

- to see the world in a more positive light

- to connect better with others

- to achieve your goals

- to find happiness

- to believe in yourself  

- to strengthen your brain

- to rid yourself of your negative "core beliefs" about yourself (and others).

- to change your thinking and feelings

- to stay motivated and focused

Interpersonal - Cognitive Behavioral Treatment System

A Cognitive Behavioral Psychoeducational Approach

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Thinking more rationally helps for creating a healthier lifestyle. New England Center for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy has been teaching healthy thinking skills since 2003.   Individual’s work with a counselor utilizing the I-CBT step by step system in order to  learn how to motivate themselves, regulate their impulses, and build healthy thinking habits to achieve their personal goals. The foundation part of the program is the self-help workbook designed to cater to each individual’s specific need. 

The  workbook is used in conjunction to counseling to incorporate and build  life-skills.   People learn how to step back and identify and rework their irrational thought process so they can proceed with more rational thoughts.   


Life Transitions / Stress

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Life transitions can cause a tremendous amount of stress.  Our therapy is ideal for those who are experiencing big changes and are not sure how to manage them successfully.  Our life skills approach keeps you ahead of the game and ready for whatever lays ahead. 


Child & Adolscent Family Centered Treatment

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Our program  is Nationally recognized as one of the most progressive cognitive behavioral therapy treatment models in the United States.  Our excellent outcomes are  a result of the collaboration of therapist, parents and child.  Children/Teens work independently with a psychotherapist, attend workshops to strengthen and learn skills to support treatment goals. We strive to make every family  successful with our program. 

We are a skill based Step by Step Process.

Since 2003, NECBT has provided  Cognitive Behavioral Therapy using a unique method that has helped thousands of people.. The I-CBT  method  is  patient centered and is tailored to each individual's treatment goals.  Patients  learn through a a step by step process how to manage their thoughts, feelings and actions. Treatment is based on the therapeutic relationship, evidence based methods and a workbook designed to be used in conjunction with therapy to support learning and treatment goals. 

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Are you passionate about your career?  We offer  a welcoming environment,  training and support in our I-CBT method,  team collaboration,  and more. 

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Interpersonal - Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

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Our focus is to help individuals heal, energize, and become aware of their inner strengths by using the I-CBT treatment process. We achieve this by providing a  safe space, listening to your concerns, and most importantly teaching you the life skills that can change your thoughts to open up your world. Using the I-CBT treatment model we will customize a treatment plan to help you overcome your difficulties.   



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No need to remortgage your house to have access to high quality treatment. We have partnered up with some really great insurance plans that can help cover cost of treatment.  We accept Anthem, Cigna and Husky (Medicaid). We also provide sliding scales for individuals who have insurance plans that we do not accept. We are pay as you go and you can stop at anytime.  


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Check out this video to quickly get a glimpse of what anxiety treatment / depression treatment generally looks like with  our Interpersonal cognitive behavioral therapy experts.  Since 2003, we have helped thousands of people struggling with  Anxiety, Depression, OCD,  ADHD /ADD and more! 

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