Interpersonal - Cognitive Behavioral Treatment System

A Cognitive Behavioral Psychoeducational Approach

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We use an evidence based model that  empowers individuals  with life skills that teaches  people how manage their thinking, emotions, and behaviors.  We've had a tremendous amount of success with person's dealing with depression, panic attacks, obsessive and circular thinking, stress, trauma,  OCD, ADHD/ADD and more.   Through individual counseling and groups, we teach and guide you through the process of self -empowerment. 


Life Transitions / Stress

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Life transitions can have a big impact on how we think and feel such as going to college or preparing for retirement, life transitions can cause symptoms of anxiety and depression. We help get you reduce your stress. 


Child & Adolscent Family Centered Treatment

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Our program  is one of the most progressive treatment models  in the world.  Our excellent outcomes are  a result of the collaboration of therapist and parents.  Children/Teens work independently with a psychotherapist, attend workshops to strengthen skills and parents attend skill based training to support the treatment goals. 


- Learn to manage stress

- Learn to overcome fear 

- Learn to see the world in a more positive light

- Learn how to connect better with others

- Learn how to achieve your goals

- Learn how to find happiness

- Learn how to believe in yourself 

- Learn how you can change your thinking for your best life. 


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We are a skill based Step by Step Process.

Since 2003, NECBT has provided  Cognitive Behavioral Therapy using a unique method that has helped thousands of people.. The I-CBT  method  is  patient centered and is tailored to each individual's treatment goals.  Patients  learn through a a step by step process how to manage their thoughts, feelings and actions. Treatment is based on the therapeutic relationship, evidence based methods and a workbook designed to be used in conjunction with therapy to support learning and treatment goals. 

Our Approach

Anxiety, Depression, Stress, OCD, Panic, ADHD & more

 We get it, you have tried a gazillion therapies, therapists and nothing works...we hear this all the time!  Sometimes life feels as if it is spiraling out of control and as a result, we tend to jump to conclusions without evaluating situations or gathering evidence. Our perception of a situation is the basis of irrational thinking, thinking a thought, and acting poorly.  

There is nothing magical about our approach. It's all based on evidence and research from thousands of studies, theories and active models. Our approach blends emotional intelligence, cognitive behavioral, mindfulness, and other important theories and tools. I-CBT is unique because it incorporates many of the best theories, research and models into one highly effective treatment system.  

I-CBT is  well structured helping patients stay focused on treatment goals. Therapists are trained  to make sure you can understand and implement skills that can make change a reality for you.

I-CBT providers are highly trained psychotherapists that are either license eligible (working towards licensure) or licensed. Regardless of who is treating you, all therapists work collaboratively, so you have thousands of clinical hours of experience supporting you and the guidance of Dr. Thomas Cordier.  

We love what we do and we're here to support, listen, teach, and coach your way to feeling good!  


I-CBT helps all ages from seniors to children 9 years old and up.

I-CBT helps all ages from seniors to children 9 years old and up.

Who We Are

Therapist Careers

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Are you passionate about your career?  We offer  a welcoming environment,  training and support in our I-CBT method,  team collaboration,  and more. 

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Interpersonal - Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

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Our focus is to help individuals heal, energize, and become aware of their inner strengths by using the I-CBT treatment process. We achieve this by providing a  safe space, listening to your concerns, and most importantly teaching you the life skills that can change your thoughts to open up your world. Using the I-CBT treatment model we will customize a treatment plan to help you overcome your difficulties.   



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No need to remortgage your house to have access to high quality treatment. We have partnered up with some really great insurance plans that can help cover cost of treatment.  We accept Anthem, Cigna and Husky (Medicaid). We also provide sliding scales for individuals who have insurance plans that we do not accept. We are pay as you go and you can stop at anytime.  


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Little Sample of Therapy

Check out this video to quickly get a glimpse of what therapy generally looks like with  our I-CBT therapists.  Since 2003, we have helped thousands of people struggling   with  Anxiety, Depression, ADHD/ADD and more! 

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