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What is Interpersonal - Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Interpersonal Cognitive Behavioral Treatment is a treatment system created by Thomas A. Cordier, PhD. The treatment is delivered in a step by step process.  I-CBT combines some of the best that psychology has to offer into one  hybrid treatment consisting of CBT & Emotional Intelligence. Treatment is delivered in a series of workbook modules that build into each other, creating a self help book that is tailored around the individual undergoing treatment. 

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Treatment for Depression , Anxiety, Behavioral Disorders

I-CBT is a universal treatment system that is used as a basis for most mental health issues. The treatment is tailored to the individual that is undergoing treatment.  

Testing Batteries

An integral part of treatment is using testing batteries for provider accountability and patient progress. BECK Anxiety Scales and BECK Depression Anxiety along with Rational Emotive Testing Scale created by Dr. Cordier, helps track the progress of each individual patient in treatment. As rational thinking improves, anxiety and depression scores decrease. 

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The "I" in I-CBT

The "I" in I-CBT refers to three main concepts: Interpersonal, Intrapersonal, Integrative. Many make the mistake of assuming the "I" means the relationship between provider and patient. True, the therapeutic bond is key for progress. However, the "I" has a much deeper meaning: the incorporation of Interpersonal Skills or "Emotional Intelligence" . I-CBT is Integrative as it incorporates some of the best tools ever developed in mental health and may be added to the model  making I-CBT organic and allowing the model to evolve and incorporate new ideas and concepts that are evidence based or show promise for advancements.  

Want to become Certified?

I-CBT Certifiation

There are 3 levels of certification. 

Level I: Resident level / Adult treatment 

Level II: Licensed providers / can teach the I-CBT Family Treatment System

Diplomat: Has a proven track record of I-CBT implementation, understanding of the model, and is able to train other providers. It is not I-CBT if the provider is not certified by the American Center of CBT in Connecticut. 

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