Adolescents - Getting Ready for the world!

We specialize in Adolescent Treatment

Having an adolescent can be a daunting experience for many parents. However, having a child that is High Functioning Autistic, struggling with Anxiety, or ADHD can really make this time really hard on the family. 

Our intervention the I-CBT Family Systems, not only works with your teen individually, but also equips parents with skills to help keep the house calm and discipline techniques that you can use to help offset the behavioral (anxiety and depression too) issues. We team up with our parents to help dramatically improve outcomes and help lesson the stress of parenting. 

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Parents are the Key to helping their Teens move forward

The most powerful outcomes happen when parents are taught skills and behavioral tools to help calm the household and support their child's treatment.  I-CBT Family Systems not only works with the child, but the parents as well. 

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