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We are not just a job...

You are the pebble in the ripple of change...

We are a team

We are not just any group. We have are a collaborative team with a defined mission and purpose. Our providers are trained in the I-CBT model to deliver a treatment that can truly help change a person's life with optimal outcomes. We have hundreds of testimonials of persons seeking help and finding it!  

A Rippler begins change

We can train you too! We know that for every provider we train, we are equipping them with skills that can greatly impact a patient's life.  We call these people "ripplers" those are people, who like a pebble cast in water create a ripple of healthy thinking that impacts not just one person, but the persons around that person. One healthy thinker  - one happy life, that touches another and another and so on. As a provider, you are the pebble or a "rippler". 

There is no "Secret" to good mental health

It's time mental health moves forward! As providers we need to provide the most optimal treatment. If you are going to master CBT then you need to know this. I-CBT is more than just a theory, it's an evidence based application that has worked for thousands of people who have come to our center seeking help. It doesn't rely on "talk therapy" and a few handouts - it's a well planned organized methodology that corresponds with a self help manual in a "step by step" process that incorporates  neurology, emotional intelligence and CBT, along with other evidence based tools. It's a blend of the best Psychology has offered since its origin.  It's not just BECK, or Ellis but it incorporates other greats too! 

There is no "secret" to how to change your thinking and help another to change their thinking to move in a healthy direction. And that's why it's such a powerful tool - because it takes the best of what we know into a giant recipe of important skills.  

Friendly, caring, passionate

Our environment is friendly, cooperative, caring, passionate and determined to get our patients to feeling good and in control. If you've worked in other places you will appreciate the collaborative team spirit of our center . You are important and the work you do is important. We give our providers room to grow and work collaboratively to achieve our goals. 

What we offer:

Currently we offer W2 Full time and Part time positions. 

We are looking for individuals who can work with no bias, who picked this profession because they know that their purpose in life is to help others unlock the key to happiness and fulfillment. If this message speaks to you, you must give us a call so we can get you onto our team. 


To be a member of our team, you need to be licensed or licensed eligible.  How you want to work is your choice based on your license, your skills, experience, and above all your desire. 

We offer I-CBT certification Level I, Level II and diplomat, flexibility, great team environment, control of how many people on your census, and great compensation. 

(**Lease space we do not offer training or guarantee patient referrals, unless you are a Psychiatrist or Psychiatric APRN, Dietitian or Yoga Instructor).


 (license eligible only):

W-2 (pt upto 25 hours)

1. On the path to their license within a 2 year period.

2. 3 or more years experience

3. understanding of CBT (testing required at time of  application)

4. must be team oriented 

(Residents clinical supervision and Level I certification and prep for Level II certification - Level II distinction is for licensed providers only). Then once licensed the same opportunities as stated above. 

You must see people as equals

Our providers need to be comfortable working with children, teens and adults regardless of age, race, religion or gender identity.  Our providers prepared for anyone calling for our assistance and provide "safe space" for all who enter our doors.  We do not treat active substance abuse, active eating disorders, or sexual offenders of any type.

** We will not keep any provider who is not welcoming, demonstrates poor clinical skills, deviates from the treatment model, unreliable,  and is toxic to the work environment.  

Ready to Learn

We use only the I-CBT model. However, this model is an integration and enhancement of your already existing skill base. If you have a particular style or approach, you'll see how this meshes with your skills. 

Psychiatrist / Psychiatric APRN

We are looking for a Psychiatrist - who is outstanding,  who believes that medication and CBT are powerful tools that can work tremendously for an individual, when medications are necessary.   We are seeking a Psychiatrist who loves people and are in this field due to their passion to help others and make a difference in mental health.   We also love and appreciate any outside collaboration like with our friends Dr. Calabase and Dr. DeRosa top Psychiatrists in the field and protect all referral sources. 

TEAM MEMBERS outside of Clinical Treatment 

We would love to bring on a dietitian, yoga instructor, art therapist, who are looking for a place to collaborate and set up their practice. 

Community Projects the Cordier Community room

 members of the community who have dreams of volunteering such as Chess Club for the community, or offer services for specific individuals. We have a large classroom / Seminar room with multimedia to host meetings and present. Call us!  

Become A Certified I-CBT provider

If you would like to be trained in I-CBT and earn membership to the Cordier Institute to provide this treatment at your setting visit the Cordier Institute's American Center for CBT by clicking below. This will take you to the American Center Cite for training info.

American Center for CBT Training (click here)

Join us!

We are the new school of thought in CBT!

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Send us your resume!

We will be happy to review your resume. If you are interested in training please visit 

New England Center for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

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