Interpersonal Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Stop Anxiety & Depression From Stopping You!

Ages: 30 to Seniors

Anxiety, Depression, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Panic Attacks, ADHD, Traumatic Brain Injury, Pain Management, Stress, Managing Transitions and more

Individuals work with an I-CBT certified psychotherapist. Meeting times are on average :50 minutes.  People stepping down from intensive outpatient treatment or inpatient treatment may need to meet more than once per week.  Commuters from out of state may opt for double sessions. In the case of double sessions additional fees may apply dependent on your insurance coverage.  Drug or Alcohol abuse is out of our scope of treatment,  however, if you have been through a substance abuse  program and completed successfully we may help you stay on track. 

Upon the first and second visits an anxiety treatment and depression treatment plan is created using our exclusive skill based model: Interpersonal Cognitive Behavioral therapy.  

Scheduling an appointment is easy.  You can call during our normal business hours and schedule a time that works with your schedule.  For individuals who are employed, we offer evening appointments. For person's not employed, we offer day appointments, but if employment is acquired we will work around your work hours that are more convenient for you.   Treatment for most adults takes on average 24 -28 weeks.  

For most, counseling sessions are once per week, the same meeting day and time until you complete treatment. 

***For seniors who have medicare insurance, we provide a substantial discount that are offered during morning hours (9a - 11a).


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: Depression & Anxiety Treatment

This is a small sample of Dr. Cordier presenting how to teach thoughts VS feelings at a seminar training other professionals. This is a lesson that is integrated into your session and your I-CBT workbook.  

Reading for Healthy Thinking

Help for Suicide

If you are feeling unsafe in anyway, please call 911 or visit your local emergency room. Help is available! and National resource:

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Tuesday afternoons we have our clinical  administrative meetings. A representative may not be able to speak with right away. 

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