suicide is preventable


Most people who commit suicide don’t want to die, they just want to stop hurting. It’s a desperate attempt to escape their pain and they can’t see any way of finding relief except through death. They just want the pain to stop and they can’t see any alternative.

If a loved one or friend is speaking about  suicide or there are major changes in their behavior,  it's important for you to take it seriously. It’s not just a warning sign that they are thinking about suicide

it’s a cry for help.


Moderate to severe major depression program


Moderate to severe clinical depression

Our program for severe depression is determined by any hospital stay, evaluation for suicide attempt, suicidal thoughts, or Psychotherapist evaluation. Note we are not an inpatient hospital, nor a partial hospitalization program or intensive out patient program; therefore we cannot provide 24 hour overnight care or extended daily treatment (2-8 hours) for individuals that need continual safety monitoring. A patient coming in for treatment who has tried to commit suicide must first step down to intensive IOP or PHP program prior to being admitted to NECBT outpatient treatment.  

Children & Teens & Young Adults

Please Note for your safety...

 100 % compliance is required for this program, there is absolutely no exception to this rule.  Non-compliance issues will initiate immediate termination from our program and referral to a higher level of care.   NECBT does not provide medication management.  Some patients may require extended hospitalization or hospital observation before continuing with treatment with NECBT.  SAFETY IS OUR MAIN PRIORITY and in some cases our center may not be the appropriate level of care, and we will provide direction as to what your next best steps are. 

For Children, Teens (and some) Young Adults, treatment requires 100% parental/guardian involvement with treatment. Attending Parent Training classes, parent coaching and 100% compliance.


if you are in a life threatening dial 9-1-1

if you are in crisis dial 2-1-1

1-800-273-TALK LIFE Line


It's ok to talk about suicide



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