Insurance and Fees

Anthem + Mateiral/Survey Monthly Fee + $50

Medicaid + Material/ Monthly Fee Waived + $50

Cigna + Material/Survey Monthly Fee + $50

Sliding Scale / Out of Network / monthly fee: $50.00

Even though we may not partner with your insurance company we will still provide you a substantial out of pocket discount. However, if you elect to not use your insurance you will be responsible for the full rate plus materials with no discount.  If you can't afford insurance speak to us and we will review your case for a discounted rate.  Materials fee is $50 per mos.  You must know your deductible to avoid any billing errors on your account.  We accept insurance as a courtesy as well as providing sliding scales. 

Frequently Asked Questions for Payment Policies

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Do I have to use my insurance coverage?

No, you don't have to. However, we will not be able to provide you a discount unless you have special circumstances . We will ask you to submit additional paperwork to review for a discount and this will automatically increase your out of pocket costs to our full rates. 

Does my Insurance Cover Materials Fees?

Materials are not covered by insurance.  Materials cover the treatment self help excercises that correspond with treatment and the testing assessments provided to determine progress. To keep these costs down, we prorated based on your insurance. For example, the testing assessments would be on average $110 per test. 

Do You have a No/Show - No/Call Policy/Late Cancelation Policy?

These components are essential to optimal outcomes. This treatment would not be I-CBT otherwise.  Your insurance will only cover time with your Psychotherapist / Doctor.

Do You have a No/Show - No/Call Policy/Late Cancelation Policy?

Yes. When you decide to move forward with treatment, you should make sure that you can accommodate a weekly appointment. We require a 24 hour notice from your appointment time. The fee applies to cover the providers time they reserved to work with you.

Do you handle insurance submissions?

You must understand your insurance. Insurance coverage is typically different for everyone. However, we will submit for your convenience. You will be responsible for any fees or rejected claims that are not covered by insurance. 

Can I pay by check or cash?

We will keep a card on file to process your payments, late cancellation or no call/ no show fees. We can accept cash or check to cover the cost of your sessions, but you must keep a card on file. There is a $35 decline fee per session. 

Services Considered Outside the Scope of Treatment


Any service rendered in conjuction to an accident, court mandate, DCF mandate will require additional fees for service. Any service provided outside the scope of treatment will be assessed a $550 per hour / prorated. 

Court Apperances & Support

Fees are assessed at $550 per hour, plus the cost of travel and meals. Payment is due in advance. 

DCF Cordination

If we are required to update and discuss your case with a DCF member, you will be responsible for out of pocket costs and be billed to your credit card on file at a rate of $175 per hour / prorated. 

Any Type of Disability Paperwork

Filling our paperwork and reports on your behalf is considered outside of the scope of treatment. You will be billed at $175 per hour / prorated. Due payable before release. 

Copy Fees

.75 per page + shipping and handling. Prepaid. 

If you have any questions please call.

You have more questions? Please call we wand will be happy to help you.