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Here is a sample of something you will learn in your journey to change your thinking. Treatment is offered individually in a private setting. This video is from a training seminar conducted by Dr. Cordier

Anxiety Treatment, Depression Treatment Testimonials

We know how busy and stressed you are.   In the grand scheme of things, the time you spend learning these skills. However, it's more than just learning them, it's important to apply them. The parents that come into our program are amazing because they are committed to making changes in their household and supporting their child's treatment.  It's not just mom needing this work, it's the Dad's too. Whenever possible, both parents need to work together to help calm the house. 

Sharon S. tells her story

Sharon was with us for about 6 months. In this time, Sharon learned how to overcome her anxiety about illness and death. She was a delight to work with. Thank you for the video. 

Here's what other's have said about their experience with us

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ADD / Anxiety


ADHD / Anxiety

I feel that I improved my feelings (getting angry, etc.) by dealing with what was making me upset. I learned that I'm more intelligent than I thought I was. I improved my alertness by really listening to people.

"I learned that I am capable of learning more things than I thought I knew!"

I improved my behavior, all of it. 
Pre-teen, South Windsor

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ADHD / Anxiety


Anxiety / ADHD

​​I really appreciate being given the tools and resources to challenge my own thoughts. We are what we think, but that doesn't mean that we have to succumb to old, deeply-ingrained, and potentially self-limiting patterns of thought.

"There is always the potential to change..."

and NECBT has given me hope, as well as concrete coping skills. Although I have completed treatment, I still continue to practice everything I have been taught, forging new, healthy thought patterns, and above all, staying rational!
Young Adult, Female - South Glastonbury

Anxiety & Depression - Adult


Adult, Anxiety & Depression

Treatment at NECBT is not like other mental health places. I went to other therapists, and they would listen and not say much. Here it's much different. When something was going on, we would just plug the problem into the I-CBT treatment for the day. It was amazing! I feel so much better.

Builder, Adult Male - West Hartford

Social Anxiety / Young Adult


Young Adult, Social Anxiety

When I first came here I didn’t want to talk or do anything until it was time to let it out. They taught me the skills of how I should be around others including Emotional Intelligence which is a good thing. Then there’s Fact, Feel and Goal which is very important to use. Dr. Julian taught me the tools or skills of what I should use whenever I’m feeling upset or mad. He taught FFG and then there’s Emotional Intelligence which is very interesting. So now...

"I know what to do whenever it comes to a bad day."

​He has taught me a lot that I now know what I should use in

the future.
Young Adult

Teen Depression


Anxiety & Depression Teen

NECBT was very helpful for my daughter. She is doing very well regarding self-confidence and self-esteem. There has been...

"a huge improvement in her demeanor and outlook on life."

She now engages me in conversation to a much larger extent than in the recent past which is a welcome change. No longer does she keep everything to herself. Overall, I would say the program is outstanding.
Father of Female Teenager

Veteran PTSD / Anxiety & Depression

  PTSD/Anxiety, Depression
I just wanted to thank you personally, for me and my daughter and for saving my husband's life. I don’t know how I could ever repay you, but I hope my thanks and gratitude somewhat suffice.He has been medication free for years now. He still utilizes your FFG and has taught it to our daughter. Thank you for your service to this country and to veterans like him. You are our hero and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. 
Above Veteran’s Wife, Tolland, CT 

OCD / Anxiety - Adult


Anxiety / OCD

 I want to thank NECBT for saving my life. My life appeared to be in complete disarray and I couldn’t see the trees from the forest. I literally saw no reason to continue living. A friend of mine recommended NECBT in order to help me get myself on track. My therapist took the time to guide me through the steps to wellness by teaching me the systematic method of I-CBT. I will admit it was not as easy as I thought it would be, but it taught me to realize that...

"a happier more productive life was all in my grasp" 

...and if I could change some of my thought patterns I could begin taking control of my life. I kept working on the rudiments that I was taught and one day the sun was shining a little bit brighter.Eventually, I was able to begin to enjoy life to its fullest! I now have a new job and a new relationship. My kids are happier because I am more calm and rational and therefore our entire household is calm.  ”
Adult Woman, Worcester, MA

OCD / Anxiety - Teen


Anxiety / OCD

NECBT has been wonderful for not only my daughter but also for my husband and myself.

"At NECBT the whole family is taught the tools needed, not just the patient."

My daughter has overcome so many fears in just four months. The parent seminars help me to reinforce everything she learned at home. All of the staff are friendly and helpful. The therapy dog, Gordon, makes us all smile, and my kids look forward to seeing him every week.
Parent,  Manchester

Depression - Teen



I walked into necbt many months ago struggling with my depression. I am now walking out having learned life skills to help fight against my depression. I have gotten my life back and am now able to enjoy all the beautiful moments' life has to offer! (Anxiety treatment / social anxiety treatment/impulse control/family empowerment training)

Teen, Massachusetts

6 year old / Child Anxiety



NECBT and all of its staff members have treated us like family from the start. Their focus on education, for the parents as well as the patent, has made the entire experience more comfortable. We now feel like we have the tools to deal with whatever issues may arise in the future. Thank you!
Parent of a 6-year-old female

Family Testimonial

It's so important that when you have a good experience to share it!  Not all CBT treatment is the same. If you treatment focuses more on talking and less on skill building, you may not be experiencing CBT to it's fullest. 

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