Building healthy thinking for life.

We see many young adults that struggle with the fear of failure, anxiety making decisions, and depression that holds them back.  However, almost all of our patients are seeking the confidence to define their own life  and pursue the dreams they have. 

At NECBT you will work with  our therapists and  you will  be taught skills that you can incorporate into your life to help you ease your fears, combat depression, set goals and keep the motivation to move forward. You got this! 

 Often we see young adults after high school and for the first time they are dealing with issues on their own. We get you don't want your parents to think for you and you want to be independent, your social skills might be a little rusty, and more than anything you want to be on the right path. Many of our young adults feel uncomfortable around other people and find themselves isolating - instead of connecting to people. You are not alone and will work to show you how to change your thinking which can change  your feelings. 

During your first couple of sessions your therapist will help you set goals and develop a plan to help equip you with skills to overcome the challenges that are holding you back.  We will work at your pace - fast or slow. 

We offer individual and group sessions. Individual sessions are for your private and personal growth.  The groups are a great way to improve your interpersonal skills and  practice the skills you are learning in session. 

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Depression can be a little misunderstood

We all struggle from time to time, but when it gets in your way it's time to do something! 

Simple Steps for Setting Goals & Resolutions

Learn how you might be accidentally sabotaging  your goals and how you might be able to set more clear goals. Here's a video Dr. Cordier provider for people setting New Year's Resolutions - FYI, you can set a goal or resolution anytime! 

Reading for Healthy Thinking

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