What is I-CBT?

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is primarily a therory. There is no specific way to use it. There are hundreds of different types of CBT and therapies no concrete way to teach it to patients and many can address one issue or another very effectively. However, there is no one system that works on the overall cognitive nd emotional wellness of a person. I-CBT's goal is total wellness. 

I-CBT is a Pscyhoeducational approach to empowering people.  I-CBT uses a self help workbook designed to use step by step as an individual learns skills taught by a provider in a specific steps. Session by session as you build you skills you progress forward towards your goals.  

Sure , we use CBT as a vehicle of change, but we are the new school of thought in CBT!  

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Depression can be a little misunderstood

We all struggle from time to time, but when it gets in your way it's time to do something! 

Simple Steps for Setting Goals & Resolutions Anytime!

Learn how you might be accidentally sabotaging  your goals and how you might be able to set more clear goals. Here's a video Dr. Cordier provider for people setting New Year's Resolutions - FYI, you can set a goal or resolution anytime! 

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